Granules Packaging suppliers

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Granules Packaging suppliers

Beitragvon fish73fi » 29. Okt 2019, 02:23

Laminated film sachet or pouch high barrier in resist-vapor, all kinds of gases and lights;
PE of the inner surface can keep good heat insulation to make it own excellent air tightness, and extend the preservative period of its contents;
With extensiveness and standing pressure, and the performance of heat –sealing at low temperature, especially applied to those drugs which can't be packed at high temperature;
One of the structures PET/AL/PE product can be perfectly printable.
·Main applications
It can be applied to the food, health products, drug, particle, powder chemicals and etc.
Printing color 10 colors Max
WidthLess than 1050mm
ThicknessDepend on customer
Design Free design service provided
Samples Offer sample for testing and trail on machineGranules Packaging suppliers
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